Zelenskyy suggests a mechanism for Russia to compensate for the losses resulting from the war in Ukraine

Kateryna Tyshchenko – Friday, 20 May 2022, 22:41

Ukraine invites international partners to sign a multilateral agreement that will provide for the confiscation of Russian assets and property in other countries to compensate for the damage caused by Russia during the war in Ukraine.

Source: Presidential video address

Quote: “We invite the partner countries to sign a multilateral agreement and create a mechanism through which each and everyone who has suffered from Russia’s actions will be able to receive compensation for these losses.”

“Under such an agreement, Russian funds and property under the jurisdiction of partner countries must be seized or frozen, and then confiscated and directed to a specially created fund from which all victims of Russian aggression may receive appropriate compensation.”

“That would certainly be fair. And Russia will feel the true weight of every missile, every bomb, every projectile it has fired at us.”

“We invite our partners to become the founders of such a fund, as well as members of a special international commission that will consider lawsuits, ie appeals from both individuals and legal entities.”

Details: The President noted that this would not be an easy task, but a discussion has begun about the necessity for such compensation at the expense of Russian assets.

“We are starting such a special dialogue with our partners to make the aggressors feel that the war is capable of inflicting maximum damage not on anyone else, but on the one who brought it to a neighbour,” Volodymyr Zelensky said.

“Russian money as compensation should reach every affected person, family, business. Of course, the Russian state will not even recognize that it is an aggressor. But its recognition is not required,” said the President.


According to the KSE Institute project, “Russia will pay” launched with the support of the Ukrainian government and the Presidential Office, the amount of damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure during the war waged by Russia reached $97.4 bln as of May 18.

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