Vladimir Putin’s Secret Grandchild Is a Zelensky, Says Report

As is often the case with sisters, one of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s alleged daughters is publicly defying him while the other is defending her daddy dearest.

His supposed youngest daughter, Katerina Tikhonova—a dancer—has flown to Munich, Germany, more than 50 times in recent years, according to a report by Russian media outlet iStores and Germany’s Der Spiegel which surely places her near the top of his list of “pro-West Russians” who he has dissed, saying “their mentality is there, not here, with our people.”

Another allegation in the report: The Russian president has also had to stomach—if true—that his youngest daughter’s child with a ballet dancer shares a last name with Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelensky. The dancer/baby daddy Igor Zelensky is not related to Putin’s archenemy, according to the joint report which was based on a dossier of leaked documents including flight records showing the Putin kid’s apparent love of European travel to where Zelensky was based during the time they are thought to have conceived their now 2-year-old daughter.

Meanwhile, Putin’s eldest daughter Maria Vorontsova—a pediatric endocrinologist—has been outed as the pro-Putin “Maria V.” Russian independent media outlet Republic editor Dmitry Kolezev published screen shots of her rants on Telegram where she attacked critics and left comments on a Moscow Sate University alumni website quoting her father on topics like the Ukraine, the West, George Soros, and gay rights, according to the Times of London.

One of the comments criticizes the use of the word “annexation” and in another she says the West has “always done everything possible to ensure that Russia failed as a state.” She wrote, “If suddenly, like almost happened in the 90s, Russia becomes a full-fledged raw-material appendage of the United States and EU, I’ll be interested to see whom you blame for the fact that we’re not living in a prosperous economy.”

Both daughters have been placed on sanctions lists by the US, but so far have avoided the same in Europe.


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