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Millions of college graduates are preparing to enter the job market in the coming months, but some may find their first entry-level salary doesn’t pay as much as they’d like. According to ZipRecruiter’s Job Market Outlook for Grads, the two most common industries grads go into right out of school are food and beverage (where restaurant workers make an average of $13 per hour) and retail (where salespeople make an average of $12 per hour) .

If you’re a recent grad yourself, wherever you end up, it might be worth considering a side hustle. While everyone’s life circumstances are different, you might have a bit more free time now that you’ve completed your studies.

There are many benefits to having a part-time gig. It can help improve your existing skills or teach new ones to put on your resume. It can help grow your network of potential employers. And it can give you an “extra cash flow,” says Marguerita Cheng, a certified financial planner and CEO of Blue Ocean Global Wealth. “That cash flow can be used to pay off debts, build an emergency fund, maybe [make] a down payment on a car.”

Depending on your hustle, you could end up earning “$25 an hour or more,” says Kathy Kristof, founder and editor of

Here’s how to find your best hustle and dive in.

‘Everything, anything’ can be a side hustle

These days, “everything, anything” can be a side gig, says Kristof, adding that it should “fit your skills, it should fit your ambitions, or it should just fit the things you love.”

Here are a few in-demand services, as well as out-there gigs, to consider:

  • virtual assistants are in demand for a wide array of services, ranging from scheduling and administrative work to social media marketing to finances. Virtual assistants on Upwork charge as much as $85 per hour.
  • social butterflies can offer their socializing services on sites like, where people hire “friends” to attend events like concerts or parties with them, or simply for a chat over Zoom. Many charge $10 per hour, according to the site.

“My favorite Fiverr listing, I think, was put a hex on your ex,” says Kristof. People who offer the service promise to “remove all the dark, negative energy around you” or cast protection spells to ward off evil. They charge as much as $180 per spell.

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