Biden Telling Allies He’ll Run Again in 2024 If Trump Does: Politico

  • Biden has told allies that he will commit to a 2024 run if Trump announces his candidacy, Politico reported.
  • Both Trump and Biden are waiting for each other to announce before committing, said the report.
  • Both have hinted up to 2024 bid.

President Joe Biden has told aides that he is more likely to run for office again in 2024 if Donald Trump announces his candidacy, and believes is the best placed Democrat to defeat him, Politico reported, citing conversations with both men’s close aides and allies.

According to the report, Trump is also more likely to commit to a 2024 run if Biden announces a reelection bid in a potential rerun of the acrimonious 2020 election, after which Trump refused to grant defeat.

Biden has privately expressed his desire to run for reelection in 2024, Politico reported, though there are wider concerns among Democrats about his current low poll standing, and the fact that he will be 82 when the next presidential election takes place.

Trump has been stirring rumors of another bid for office for months, but is yet to definitively commit, the report said. Trump allies told the outlet he may decide against it over health reasons or because he is keen to avoid another defeat — though he is yet to admit he lost in 2020, continuing to push claims that the election was stolen from him instead.

According to Politico, Biden regards Trump as a unique threat to US democracy and believes that if Trump runs, he would need to run to prevent Trump’s return to the White House.

Trump has endorsed a slew of candidates ahead of the November 2022 midterms as he seeks to tighten his hold over the Republican Party.

Sitting presidents traditionally wait until after the midterms to announce whether they will seek office again.

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